Monday, December 19, 2016

December 2016 : A thank you message.

2016 is Ending. 

I'm sure there has been much learning especially to those who are still swimming in the red of their losses - trying to find their trading system and their identities in the markets. 

May you remember your "WHY" and continue this fight. May you remember that ZF didn't become ZF if not for his losses. And If all else fails, remember that relationships and life are far more valuable than money. Let not money or your possessions define who you are as a person.

Life with all its hardships and struggles is still beautiful. Don't just survive. Live it. God created you for greater things. Seek out your purpose.


I would like to thank everyone who has been continually supporting me and the ZFT, those outside the tribe and those within. Those who have been writing and sending us messages of thanks. Those who have been believing and fighting for us, our ideals and principles.

Thank you for giving us more reasons to continue this fight we have started. Of spreading awareness of the realities of the markets. To help the less fortunate. And to help fellow traders become success stories in this field.

To the ZFT family, I thank you. It warms my heart to see this beautiful community grow, continually and unselfishly supporting each other through gains and losses. 

And to those who weren't able to attend the Christmas and year end party, let me just say this :

"Wing chun! Wing chun! Wing chun!"

Hopefully next year you will be able to attend na.


  1. WOW as in WOW, thank you sir zee for inspiring us also, see you around! haha

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  3. continue to inspire! praying for your continuous success. Sana nga nxt time makasama na ako :D - Yaser

  4. One day I pray to meet this wonderful person.I will follow this blog to learn from him.
    May your tribe increase and continue to sow good deeds!

  5. Really good year end message. Thanks a lot!

  6. Great read! Thank you so much for the lessons you give out sir.. I found myself reading the blog again.. and it’s always refreshing and I always learn something new whenever I read the posts. Kung alam nyo lang kung gaano ka-thankful lahat ng nakakabasa ng lessons nyo sir. (parang secret admirer lang yung tono. lol) But truth be told.. It’s like a well in the middle of a desert.. but to compensate even in my own little means at this moment.. just want to drop some words from her..

    Wing chun in me heard and wants to say something..

    Playing the game of Wing Chun isn’t to beat the opponent. It’s to go with the flow. You do that and you become one with the universe.

    Parang trend following lang sir yung favorite nyo.. :)
    but the principles of the art is universal.. so it’s better applied in our daily life, not just in wing chun or stocks.

    God bless you and your tribe always sir.
    Peace and love.

  7. Sir how much if kung meron kayong mga seminars about technical and fundamental salamat po nag babasa pa po ako after mabanggit ng isa sa student ang name mo sa INVESTA SUMMIT 2017

  8. bear market na as of april 2018, i find myself reading the ZF blogs for inspiration to keep going. thank you po