Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry X-Mas and the Buy Back Program

Several weeks ago some friends, who have a hard time believing in technicals alone, were telling me to buy X (Xurpass) because the company has apparently been buying back their shares at current prices - it was trading between 9.x - 10.x that time.

"Galing sa kinse yan! Umabot pa nga ng Bente. Parang steam games lang, super X-mas sale! Mismong company buma-buy back! Di sila tanga. Bili na tayo!"

"Cheap Valuations" according to my favorite broker.

(Taken from the PSE Edge website)

I'm no fundamentalist and I don't follow brokers. I'm like John Snow, 

All I know is had I bought X at that time based on the company's buy back program, I'd be incurring a loss of at least -10% by now.

If you were in my shoes, what would you tell your friends the next time you meet and talk about X?

"Okay lang. Di sila tanga."

I wonder how long I'll wait before they'll start saying, 
"I told you so."


  1. Ansakit sakit na Boss Z.....

  2. cheap valuations? earnings per share 2015 measly .13 centavos . at stock price of P8 that a pe of 62 . nothing cheap about this stock .

  3. si eX as of 2018 have never gone back to previous highs, and currently below P4 price