Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fake Accounts and Aliases

If you have been a part of stock trading groups in Social media and
 Forums, you have most probably encountered people who hide
 behind aliases and fake accounts.

"Why do these accounts exist? Why go through such effort?" These
 questions boggled my mind for a season. And later I realized why.

The top reason why people hide behind a name is Security.

I know of one person in Finance Manila who is quite famous and
 well respected in his 'field'. So for a time, I tried asking around
 about the guy and to my surprise, nobody knows his true identity. 
We invited him to some private EBs but he never showed up.

"I like my identity to be kept anonymous." He simply explained.

Let's face it, if you have money or the ability and the public knows,
 or even if you don't and you piss somebody off, you'll never know 
when things can go bad. 

I guess it's always better being on the safe side of things.

Now, as someone who hides under a name, probably the best perk
 is that feel of mystery. That dark shroud people just want to unveil
 but can't.

I can't explain it well. But you know how it is when you get 
attracted to that new transfer student. Even when there's a high 
chance that person could be a psychotic stock maniac.

"Hi I'm Susan! Would you like to buy some tasty chocolate bARs?"

It's totally fine to be mesmerized. 
Just make sure they don't feel and give off that networking scam aura.

I'm not sure if that made sense to you but lets move on...

If you're still new to the world of stocks and groups, below are 
the types of accounts you will most probably encounter.

Let's start with 

#1 The Citizens.

That's you noob! Everybody starts as Citizens.

"What's up?" or in our own words "Anong meron?" 

The Citizen's role is to fill up internet space with random
 newbie questions and posts filled with emotion. In short, fillers.

# 2 The Heroes

These guys are a rare breed. I call them heroes because that's how
 the citizens see them. The heroes feel obliged to answer the cries
 of the desperate citizens. It's a fun relationship where one cannot
 exist without the other.

Some heroes are free. Some are not.
What's important is you learn from them.

Just be careful you don't end up following hero wannabees 
or what we love to call Gurung Ulols.

# 3 The Extremists

You'll see these guys everywhere. Be it hype or bash. They come to
 purge anything that is not "in-line" with their thinking. Pretty
 annoying. But that's just their way of life.

"Sell Everything! Buy that which is ours!"

A group without balance, that deletes posts criticizing them or bans
 people that are going against them is something you should watch
 out for. If you find yourself in a group filled with these people, that
 would be your sign to leave quietly. 

# 4 The Anointed Ones

Unlike the extremists, they claim to be insiders of their selected
 stock. One should always question the Anointed One's intentions
 for sharing their 'inside info.' Their name and reputation lives and
 dies with their beloved stock.

I made a post about these guys. 
Click here if you wish to read it.

# 5 The Trolls

These bunch have a lot of time in their hands. Some of you
 probably hate these guys. I, on the other hand love them. Because
 when they post, senseless or not, they gauge your maturity as a
 trader, as a person and as a fellow troll.

"You mad bro? Let me make you madder.

I know some trolls who are seriously rich. Makes you wonder why they do what they do.
If you find yourself in a heated discussion with a troll, calm yourself and stop. 
That's the only way you'll win against them.

# 6 The Jedi

An interesting group. When a Jedi speaks, you be careful not to fall
 into their mind tricks. They usually talk in riddles and just love to
 post stuff that would make your brain muscles cringe.

Here are a few Jedi Posts
(with permission)

I have to say that breaking a Jedi's puzzle is utterly satisfying. 
It kind of gives you this feeling that you're smart. Unless of course
 it was all part of the mind trick. Then you're screwed.

# 7 The Lurkers

There was this one time during one of the many stock EBs 
when a person approached me and said... 

"Hi! Nice to finally meet you SB, 
I'm Freddy Krueger from xtraderschat"

In my mind I was like "Ya don't say!?" Freddy was one of the
 lurkers in a certain stock chatroom. He registered so he could see
 what was going on and maybe get some hot stock tips and picks.
 Freddy never did make a single post

Out of all the names. He just had to register the name 
of one of my childhood fears.


If my observation serves me right, the one thing that divides 
the people who hide behind these aliases is 


There are those who carefully build a name, that when posting,
 think of how it will affect the way people see them. And there are
 those who just don't give a damn or think they can just hide behind
 a new name when things go bad.

Did I miss anything?

Pa comment nalang below.