Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Free vs Premium

I've been reading comments on how people perceive the recent 
'resurfacing' of the paid services of different groups like FT and 
BOH and others.

I like the healthy exchange of opinions.

I think most people have been accustomed to 'Free' lessons and tips
 that they fail to realize the higher purpose of things.

I'm not saying all, but most free tips and 
modules out there are like this...

Want some?

There's no such thing as "Free Lunch."

So treasure people like FT, Spyfrat, and BOH. 
(Mga idol ko yan when I was just starting out.) 
They give "Free Lunch" at the expense of their valuable TIME. 
Money can be easily regained. Time you can't.

*Sidenote: I don't think many know that the information these guys
 share to the public can mean at least 6-8 Digits worth to their big

If you're a noob in the markets and you find people disrespecting
 market veterans then congratulations.

You just found a rare species of gurung ulols and wannabees.
(the followers just love to eat their rainbows)


  1. All the best sir Zee! You're one of those mentors that I know the value being paid for should generally justify itself (just wasn't qualified at the time of Batch 4 but slowly building my port up; hope to be able to participate in the lessons one day).

    Currently part of BoH and I couldn't more than agree with you that the content and analysis they churn out typically would be valued around those digits by corporations, and people are getting it at a very discounted price. Oh well, fools will be fools until they realize it.


    1. Cheers to you too Anonymous Commenter! You're in good hands. Stay hungry when learning.

  2. eToro is the best forex broker for rookie and pro traders.

  3. had na opportunity to learn from this gurus. it was worth it talaga, especially FT