Monday, January 5, 2015

The Trading Port

The Trading Port - The 2nd of the three ZF ports and the most actively traded of the three. Every 3/6 months all profits are withdrawn and the port gets reset to 2.0 M. If within the 6 months no profits have been made, no additional funds will be added into the trading port.

Port Snapshots will be added but shaded until the end of April which would be the next port reset event.

(Post updates 1.26.2015)
Deleted all previous port snapshots s
o no one will attempt to do 'computations' and get which stocks I left.

(Post Update 3.20.2015)

Sold most of these babies.

(1st Trophy Trade for 2015. Too bad didn't break that 1M profit barrier)

Post Update April 1, 2015
This will be the Last series of 
Port Snapshots for this season.

Jan-Mar (1st Quarter)
 Trading Port Performance:

Next Port Reset Event :
April 20

Please be reminded that these snapshots are a work of fiction 
and by no means should you believe them.

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time I did a similar post.

To all my students, If nagawa ko, 

magagawa nyo rin. I'll just leave Kap's message here...


  1. what technical indicators should i study? like the important only that somehow gives accurate prediction? thank you Zee!

  2. kitang kita yung Zeus strike and alignment of the stars. congrats to the owner of the port.

  3. di ba ang moving averages ay pwede lng samga mabibigat na stocks? ano ginagamit mo para sa mga penny/ basura stocks? thanks

  4. nice one!! galing

  5. inspiring! I'm sure you are not what you are today if not for the suffering you had before...that is indeed the price of success and you have all the right to enjoy! good job master ZF!

  6. I'm a fan.I hope my port will be like that.It takes time.Inspired by u Sir ZF.

  7. What to say!? Damn, ang galing ur the man..

  8. Kahit moving average lang po ba ang gamitin pwede na po un for trend follower?

  9. boss zee magkano ung normal na binibili nyo kada trench ba yun para d magulo po yung price ng stock? ty

    1. That would depend on the bid/ask volume. I sometimes make sure the volume I put isn't something that could move the prices awkwardly.

  10. Well said and well shared! Thanks Boss Z - GRAN