Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tale of the TAP

Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

It all started with a testimonial from one of the Batch 4 Applicants.

This was posted Friday Night (January 9, 2015)

I was not able to save the comments. It was a good read.

The next day...

It got deleted.
And our applicant, Danny, 
got banned from the group.
(We already anticipated this)

A few hours later. This showed up.

In view of all this, I felt the need to post my conversation with "the applicant".. I feel that I cannot just overlook the matter at hand as it might generate a distorted and distasteful image about the ZF brand.

(Omitted Portfolio Snapshot)

(Omitted Application Procedure)

I have nothing against TAP.

But I have to say, there have been a lot of applicants for batch 4 who have voiced out their frustrations with the concerned group.

I can post them all here. But who am I for you to believe?

I'm just a fictional Character.


Update 3.15.2015

In case you were wondering how Danny is doing,
he did a lot of practice trades, good and bad,
 and almost gave up mid-course.

But he didn't.

Danny Ke, Batch 4 : Zodiac

Because #realtrades are always better than "#realtalk."


  1. want to share a few things also...

    My first two months in trading was a good one..I was following a good trader who is good in intraday trades and my port was up 15% ... then somebody introduced me to this group where they teach their followers about baggers and that money is in the sitting and those sureball stocks.. when I was reading their posts I said wow! why would I sit on my computer whole day and study at night when I could just stick with these stocks leave them and watch them make me 500% without really working for it.... too good to be true isnt it? yes it was.... whenever a stock goes down, they will question your loyalty to the stock (no pain no gain) then if it goes out of hand, then you are not trading right because you should have your own plan (aral muna) then after some time maybe months when their reco hits big they'll dig their old post and say (we told you so)... of all the reco stocks of course one should hit big in time but the probability of catching the right one is just too low lelz.. not only did I wipe out my gains but i also lost precious time following them rather than working hard and improving my trading...

  2. Hi ZF, just curious were you a member of TAP once upon a time? Is it true that Danny has to post a testimonial in TAP first to experience your trading method? Love the NGO idea :)

    1. Dear Mr. A,

      We are still members in TAP. (For entertainment) And as for the deal I made with Danny:

      If i get him 7% return on his portfolio before our classes starts, he would owe me a testimonial.
      I told him that his testimonial include his experience in the markets before and after my deal with him.
      Only Danny and one other person (who backed out of the program) were the only applicants I made this deal with.

      I won't sugarcoat anything here. The main purpose of that testi is simply advertisement.
      I believe that there are many like Danny who have been in the markets for quite a while
      and following groups and recos, yet are not getting good returns or are reaping losses instead.
      These people need real mentors.

      And as for the NGO idea. We, the ZF tribe wish to "pay it forward" to our country.

  3. Well, i have been a follower of your blog and page in facebook for sometime now. i don't like the idea of turning yourself into a guru. and you are doing it the wrong way. I like your old self which is care free, funny and witty.

    1. Thank you for taking time to post Anonymous follower. :)

      I don't consider myself a guru. I wish I could tell you why I'm doing this. But there are things I just can't explain right now. Your concern means a lot to me. Thank you.

  4. can i still join the batch? ;( same story

    1. I'm sorry. We already closed batch 4 on Jan 11. Maybe in the future, If my students would continue the cause, then you're welcome to join. :3

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Abraham. We've closed slots already. Sorry.

  6. oh.. the new batch is already closed.. will wait for the new one then

  7. Napaisip aq dun ng malalim..

  8. What if I wanted to join but don't have as much funds as those that join the subastahan? :(

    1. Read the rules on the latest subasta. It's different.

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  10. wow. 100% ng port alotment on one stock.talagang strong ang convictions. kagaya ni MG, yung mga pinopost na trades 100% ng port alotment. i would assume it took a lot of training to gain that 100% conviction rate.

    i hope makaka join ako sa next batch. kahit maliit lng port ko.

  11. Replies
    1. Traders Apprentice Pilipinas - Join ka don :P