Thursday, May 14, 2015

Case Study : POPI

Dear Students, Dissect and Digest.
This is how the trade was Executed.
(If I remember correctly)

4.21.2015 - 5.14.2015

Set my Trail Stop at 1.12 Darvas.
But as soon as I saw the red flag on that possible bull trap,
I decided TO BE the confirmation than to WAIT for it.

Ahhh.. So that's how King Geoffrey felt.


Update 6.19.2015

After a breakout from that 1.28, 
POPI zoomed up to as high as 1.59
whipsawing a lot of traders along the way.

Currently, that 1.28 Level is the current line in the sand 
for TF players. Swingers would have their supports 
pegged at 1.42.

Ideal scenario next week for this baby is to gap this up at
the open just 1-3 flucs higher and hold that 1.47 line.

Another scenario would be to flush out all the weaklings
up to 1.42 support (preferably higher) then close this at 
1.47 or higher.

Whatever the case, RSI 70 in the daily must hold if we'd 
like to see another action pumped week for POPI.
If it holds, expect a 2-4 days consolidation
before the next upsurge.

If it doesn't move by then. Be afraid.
Be very afraid.

Smells like PWR/BHI/PHES/APM/IS play all over again.
I wish I had this kind of capital during those days.



Update 6.25.2015

Came so close to another 1M for this month.
Too bad bulls and buying pressure weakened. 

Just an intraday snapshot 'at the highs' current port is lower than this. 

So today's close looks like a potential 'top' for this run.
If we want this money making machine to continue printing 
us more money, we should (ideally) let it rest for a while. 
I hate consolidations. But what's a few weeks of waiting 
for an awesome run right?

If I were the market maker hired to draw POPI, I'd be establishing
 supports at 1.73-1.61 before blasting this off to the 2.xx levels 
and distributing my next batch of shares.

Hopefully these levels hold.

I was able to take a screenshot of this 'event' earlier.
Market makers trying to have a 'big buyer's presence' felt.

The funny thing about this trap is that those small fishes and 
shrimps think that UBS or whoever it is, is on THEIR side - that
This big foreign buyer won't sell at a loss. EVER. Well wrong. 
Coz you never know if UBS is just one of King's many alter egos.


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  2. that's a big amount of exposure for a speculative stock. How did you learn to trade in that amount? That's my dilemma before. My confidence decreases as my exposure increases. And most of my good trades were in small amounts but when i tried to be brave and trade in big amount, i ended messing up with my trades. Thanks! btw, i think i know your new stock.

  3. Nice read dual thumbs up

  4. Your confidence in the system you use will be a big factor in trading with bigger volume. And the higher the volume, the higher the mental preparation and conditioning needed.

  5. Do you analyzed this in a minute chart?

  6. hahaha, KING is still doing the same thing.The padded buy then just before closing, cancels it.

  7. May 2018, so far the best post ive read for TF using Darvas, and comparing difference of gains between darvas trail stop vs MA20. Learned a lot sir.