Friday, May 1, 2015

Market Thoughts : Trolling The Truth

People nowadays are so used to hearing lies that they 
think what they hear is truth. It could 
also be that the lies are becoming too good, that those 
who tell them believe it's truth.

And what I find amusing is how low some popular 
market personalities have gone.

They tell you facts, throw in some really good quotes 
from awesome people, then mix in their lies - to make that
 deliciously looking, hell spawn baked muffins.

And the public doesn't even realize 
what's happening until it's too late!

Not that I don't like raisins. But I do hope you get my point.

What happened to our culture?

Don't get me wrong. I love our Pinoy pride and spirit
that perseveres and works hard towards achieving our 
dreams and goals.

But what I don't like is this blight that has been slowly creeping in.
To be content of mediocrity than to strive for excellence. 
To endure injustice and stay silent instead
 of standing up against it.

 The only way for evil to triumph, 
is for the righteous to remain silent.

 I don't claim to be righteous. And I do fear for my safety.
But should I remain silent after all the evil 
and corruption I've come to know?

Then it dawned on me.

We all have our own favorite childhood superhero. 
They live everyday life just like everyone else - blending 
in society and at the same time, they serve justice in their 
trademark costumes and masks.

But why?

Why the need for a mask 
If you're doing what's right?

Have you also noticed that in these stories, a lot of their enemies
 would nonchalantly cause wreck and havoc in full view of the

My mind was blown as my eyes were opened to reality.

Of course I'm not saying I'm going to be a hero or a
"seigi no mikata" coz for some reason, you only become a hero 
in our country when you're DEAD. 

So no thanks. I'll just be a troll who has identity crisis.

And If one day I would find myself in trial I'd tell the judge:

"I swear to Troll the Truth and nothing but the Truth. 
So help me God."


  1. Good read.
    Elated when I saw the date when this blog article was posted. Realizing that someone who's anonymously special had thoughts like this on my birthday. :)

  2. Nice one... the troll and the trend is my friend. Trolala!

  3. eto ba yung topic ng Fake News na sa social media, between news media vs the government? hahaha. sound like lng