Friday, May 1, 2015

Trading Perspective : Prices and 100 MA

It has come to a surprise for me that even after a few brainwashing
 sessions with the new comers, some still don't know the essence of
 the ZS - or maybe some just failed to read my post about it.

Maybe that explanation was too action packed and geeky.
So here's a fresh perspective for the ladies and the romantics.

This is Romeo

And This is Juliet

And yes. She's upside down.

Or it could be that Romeo is the one who's upside down.
My head is starting to hurt. Let's just say they live in
a very complicated world.

They are lovers. 
They don't know it yet. But they are.
Confused? Don't worry. I'm confused too.

Now here's a chart.

Imagine that blue line to be Romeo. 
He's smooth and determined.

And Juliet, the violet line. 
She's fickle minded.

Now they haven't seen each other for a very long time.

What do you think happens when they do?


Music Plays in background: "sometimes when we tats!"


  1. that is what u call the "golden cross" :)

  2. how sweet naman this hehehe

  3. nice analogy hehehe

  4. An AI recently crossed above the blue line but Juliet did not stay above Romeo at baka daw may mabuo ^_^ ahihihi...

  5. "sometimes when we tats!" hehehe

  6. Hahaha, good one Sir!

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  8. hahahaha! I love the way you explained this sir Zee! Thanks! :)

  9. Nice one sir ZF! It makes me laugh. haha!

  10. LOL It reminded me of the movie itself. It was good! haha

  11. sir any tip kng saan ang point of entry mo dito?thanks

  12. Ender's Game, now Upside Down.. two of my favorite not-so-well-known movies as of late.. does ZF happen to like candy graphics and electronic music too?

  13. so much LOL in this one senpai :p

  14. all good until Juliet went too high and almost forgotten about romeo. Then people started to make chismis about Romeo and Juliet. Juliet then started humble herself to be on the same level as Romeo. Romeo was too hurt and the touchpoint was too painful "Romeo: You had me at my best and you chose to break my heart…" *bmg: i'll never go...far away from youuuuu*... Juliet then walk away pero pababa.. pababa ng pababa.. then FANS be like *get get out!*

  15. Hi Sir Zee, a newbie confused in using ZS + AOTS here who's hoping for your professional guidance. In using AOTS in Investagrams, you Scaling it at "Right" set up OR "NO SCALE" at all?

    Appreciate so much your advice.

    Thank you.