Friday, October 9, 2015

Buy, Sell, Repeat.

Trading Log 10.9.2015

Sidenote: Wildest port swing on record.

Who would have thought that after hours of steadily building the
 chart and momentum, it would suddenly drop like a hot potato 
in just minutes?

Just like that. All Gone.

Shit happens. And whether we like it or not, we just have to 
accept the fact that we can't win every trade. We cut our
 losses and carry no emotional baggage.

Yes we may cry and grieve for the loss. But that feeling should 
be gone before the day ends. Same thing when you win big - All 
flowery feelings out of the window before you hit the hay.

Such is the life of us high risk traders.

Buy, Sell, Repeat.

End of Log.


  1. just like that a million loss in minute, i salute you for posting this

  2. I bow down to you master for sharing this painful experience to everyone. I know how painful, because I was in the same trade having roughly put 70% of total port equity in the trade with about the same aep as yours. Who would have known it would drop as fast as did considering that there was only 15 mins to closing. I guess we can't really take our eyes off the market for even a minute until the closing bell rings.

    But you're right. We carry no emotional baggage and we move on. And we shall remember this horribly-gone-wrong trade. No pain, no gain.

  3. Reminds me of my port a few days ago...