Saturday, October 10, 2015

Personal Notes Series 002 : Life and Trading

Sometimes it scares me when I'm able to shut down my emotions
 when trading. When I win or lose to the extreme, like you know
 (6-7 Figures) in a day, and it doesn't faze me one bit.

Trading is a lot like life.

And there are times when I think that if I've fully integrated the
 system completely in my life, I might come to a point wherein 
my relationships and the people I meet would just be like 
stock-picks. That If a relationship goes bad, I'd simply
 "cut my losses" and move on. Or If a relationship doesn't 
go anywhere, I'd just sell and realize my "commission losses."

Last night I was able to talk to a few traders. They told me their
 story about how their group were hyped into buying a stock, got
 ipit, and are just waiting for it to go up. They've been holding the
 stock for almost a year. And a beautiful bond was created.

I was once In a trading group and had multiple 
experiences like this.

The root cause of all of this, why people in a group-buy don't sell
 and move on, isn't because of the stock or the hype - But the trust
 that was built in the corporate decision of buying the 
particular stock.

"Nagbenta ka na ba?" 
"Tiwala lang"
"Aakyat na yan"
"Buying pa ako"

These are the phrases you commonly hear when you 
group-buy-and-hold a stock.

If a stock is going down (or up) and you sold earlier without
 notifying or consenting with your group, there's fear that you have
 betrayed the goodwill of what your group started. You feel like if
 you sell, the relationship with your group, your bond, 
might somehow be broken.

"What? Nagbenta ka na? Traider! (Traitor + Trader)"

Then you don't get to be part of the core group anymore
and you're like...

"We rise as a group, we fall as a group"

What couldn't be more noble?

But this is the stockmarket. Not life. It's your money, not their's.
 We have to understand that we are responsible for our own actions.

So if you decide to sell. Don't feel guilty.

"Cut loss lang. Walang personalan."

We should draw a clear line. A distinction of the 
realities of Life and Investments.

And even if I say that Trading is a lot like life. It isn't so that we
 should cut loss our non performing or losing relationships. 
For these things should be cherished and worked out.

I thank God for keeping me sane. That even If I have lost hundreds
 of thousands and even millions, I can still give praise and
 appreciate the little things in life.

For not many are able to do so - especially the rich.

I'm not completly detached from money. I'm getting there. And I'm
 glad that it's only God who can satisfy me. For life is more than
 riches, wealth, and power, but of purpose.


  1. Z, I've always been meaning to ask if you feel like a superhero with what you do. Win big, paying it forward, wash, rinse, repeat. I hope to cultivate a strong mind, a big heart and strong hands just like yours one day. Soon, I hope.

    1. Sometimes I do feel like that. :)
      I believe there's a hero in all of us.

  2. "And I'm glad that it's only God who can satisfy me. For life is more than
    riches, wealth, and power, but of purpose." - Inspiring and encouraging. Thanks :)

  3. Good and faithful servant. Sana noon ko pa natuklasan tong blog nyo, ang dami ko na natututunan dito.. God bless po