Monday, December 28, 2015

Gurus and Reversals

I've seen a lot of people saying "reversal na sa MCP."

And depending on a trader's perspective, this could be true or false.
 It may be a reversal on the very short term, but what about 
the long term?

Technically speaking, if we want to have a bullish reversal on
 MCP, R2 and R1 levels on the chart above must be taken out first.
And overall trends don't always shift overnight.

I'm not bashing. I'm just tired of the people messaging me their sad
 stories of how they've lost their hard earned money for believing 
"credible" sources.

Remember FNI? The ulols have been calling a reversal on it since 
the 2.xx levels. Halos lahat na ng hype analysis, ginamit.
Fundamentals, All kinds of technical patterns, Candlestick analysis,
  Broker analysis, Kwentong Barbero Analysis, 
"Reverse Chart" etc.

Where is it now? 

And when the damage has been done, they'll just give you that 
"you pressed that button" BS and hand you all the blame.

If the teacher taught something wrong, 
should the student shoulder all the blame?

It's amazing how gurung ulols have successfully brainwashed the
 public so they'd come out clean after several disaster calls.

So if you're just starting out as a trader and planning to buy MCP
 because of all the "reversal" posts you're reading in FB groups. 

Be wary. 

Your city of dreams might end up in the hut of nightmares.


  1. oh baby baby,, don't funk with my heart

  2. eto pa ang isang popular na nakakairitang response: "don't be a cry baby!"

  3. they actually called reversal already? wealth destruction nanaman to!

  4. Thanks for this nice post ... a 3 minute read packed with a lot of knowledge. Admittedly tempted to go in today kaya lang na trauma na sa MCP.

    - Balatsibuyas

  5. Aren't signs of reversal supposed to be near/at support to be considered valid which MCP does not have?

  6. at this time, investing in gaming and mining is not a good. Unless you are buying for the next few months or until the business picks up.

  7. looking at the charts now. Yep. it was a reversal. an uptrend the ZS was on March 2016.