Thursday, February 11, 2016

Trading Setups : A Game of Perspective

Trading setups are a matter of perspective. whether the market is up or down, there will always be opportunity. and while opportunities exist, there is no such thing as absolute truth in the markets - only possibilities. What could be true today, might not be true tomorrow.

As traders, while it is our duty to predict and prepare, our primary objective is to react. For anyone can make predictions, but only a bold few can truly react.


This is how Fear looks like to many.

In our Market, this is how we should look at fear.

The raw movements of the prices in our markets are driven by emotion. And for us to profit from this truth, one must tame thyself of emotions.

Type of Play : Momentum
Trade Objective : Sell on Target And Trailing Stop

Type of Play : Bounce 
Trade Objective : Sell on Resistance

If fear and despair had a price. I'd totally buy it.


  1. Based on the chart illustration sir, nagintay ka pa ng eight trading days before you made your first buy sa Davin. What i mean to say is eight trading days back is where the candle convincingly goes above 20ma above 50ma and above 100ma. Then you made your second buy when it bounced above 50ma which means hindi ka sir nagdalawang isip bumalik even after it plunges below 20ma support and that was like 3 huge red candles. Sorry for the long post :3 studying charts when I saw theres a new posting in your blog. Avid fan here :3

  2. sa breakout sya bumili 1st suppport sya sa 2nd buy...same as you studying d blog...

  3. TF play din eto. road to P8, less than a years. pero ganda ng entry sa P1.9