Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Rationale Behind Multiple Ports

You are the most fearless archer in the whole village. You wander around the woods to hunt the evil that lurks in it. You have found your target, a tiger. The foul beast that has been killing all the villager's animals and your beloved turkey that you have so dearly taken care of for the coming winter. 

You approach silently and pull out your dagger from your sidepocket. The mighty tiger knows what's going on and motions its tail as if beckoning you closer to its presence.

"I've got this" You think to yourself.

You breathe deeply as you prepare to strike. When suddenly, the tiger disappears from your sight! You then notice the painful warmth of your own blood gushing from your neck as the beast delivers a critical bite that ends you instantly.

What the hell were you thinking archer!? You had one job and you used the dagger!

Welcome to portfolio Mind setting 101 ZF Style.

I'm assuming all of you have read these 3 Posts Below :

Some of you have been wondering why the hell I do resets and have 3 different ports. Let me explain.

I'm a gamer and I look at the markets as a game. If you've played FPS (First Person Shooter), RPG (Role Playing Games), RTS (Real Time Strategy, or TBS (Turn Based Strategy) games like Team Fortress, UFO, Heroes, Final Fantasy, Diablo, Mech Commander, DOTa, etc, you will notice that there's a wide spectrum of characters and classes with their unique abilities and skill sets. One class just can't have it all. And every character has their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

If you're an archer, you attack and kill from afar. You don't go all out rambo knockin' on the enemy's front door! You play what's given to you and use it to your advantage. So act your class if you want to survive and stay in the game. If you feel the need to pet that darned tiger on the head before you kill it, switch to an assassin or a character that can take extreme punishment.

If you're a tsupitero, handling and growing a port that has 500k is easier than a port that has 2M. The bigger the port, the harder it is for the tsupitero.

If you're a trend follower, you'll probably have no issues with handling a 10M port, But it wouldn't be easy growing it performance wise as opposed to the tsuptiero.

If you are handling a sleeper port, you need to have extreme patience to endure the times when you see other stocks moving while your's are sleeping.

It's all about balancing volume, technique and the mind.

The most lethal thing a trader can do is to act the trader that they are not.

When you come to a deep level of understanding of who you are as a person, as a trader - your strengths and weaknesses, and put this into your advantage when you enter the markets, you'll be surprised of what you can do.

Port Snapshot as of 2.23.2016 Lunchbreak

Do not try to be someone who you are not. Embrace who you are. 


  1. Blog pa rin boss. Akala ko on vacation mode ka as your post in FB? :D

  2. Well yeah. :) Pero not vacation from stocks. Hirap magbakasyon from your passion.

  3. Do you also trade US stocks? o sa Phil stocks lang?

  4. Thanks Zee..will always remember this.. stick to your rule, do not chase high flyer stocks when you have no plan. In short, decipline is the key to success in trading..

  5. (Zenpai) Hello Zee, Thank you for this however I have a question.
    I saw your blog before on considering Equity to trade for a Living, correct if I am wrong to avoid
    greediness 5% would be enough to consider thus , significant amount of equity needed.
    example: On a 50K monthly lifestyle kailangan ng 1 Million, therefore ang strategy
    must be trend follower dapat?

  6. does multiple port mean having multiple account?

  7. buti nalng pwde na mag trade sa cellphone lng. medyo mahirap din mag maintain ng more than 1 port