Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tsupita Notes : SMC

So many rumors are going around why SMC is going up.
Reminds me of my younger days of sessions of passing around "the cup"  and tell a story. 

Most of them were funny lies just for entertainment. It's probably the same thing going around here. A Buyout? The Japanese Link? I wonder why people tell me these things when they know I don't care.

And my reaction would always be...

Keep it simple. 

Type Of Play : Breakout / Momentum / TF
Trade Objective : Sell On Resistance

A total of 5 Trading Days.

The Stock Market is a game. 
And if you learn and follow its rules?

The money will follow.


  1. Hi Zee,

    just a suggestion. Make a blog telling us more about your journey to success in market. On how you dealt with losses in the early stage of your trading career and how your experiences led you to find God.


    1. I did a few posts on it. But if you've read it all and want a more detailed one.. I could make more, I'll need inspiration to write about it though.

    2. I hope you will get inspired soon to make one. A more detailed post is always welcomed. Your journey inspires me. You may present yourself as a fictional character, but your story in the stock market, along with your personal encounter with God are all real.

    3. more personal notes please! :3

  2. Your ability to spot even large caps is uncanny. Though I agree the breakout concept is a good indicator to jump on the momentum, I've had rotten luck in many of these so-called breakouts. One day they go up, then the following day they go down. Sometimes I hold on thinking that it's just a one-day setback, it turns out it's a deeper retreat than I thought, which led me to miss a number of sudden price surges in other stocks. And when I do sell, thinking to pocket my gains before I get stuck, the price keeps moving up, like MCP, which made me think twice whether to sell what I bought or keep holding on. Funny thing that i sold some stocks to reposition, only to get stuck again and further erode my port's value. I hope you can teach me how to have a better eye for potential movers and when to sell and when to keep holding on. I've been having much bad luck in this market over the last 1.5 years.